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Meet the team

The Senso Health team has more than 20 years’ experience from both a local and international perspective. Spanning multiple disciplines and areas of expertise, we take care of your patient’s full journey in a single facility, and by a single, dedicated team who are as committed to their recovery, as you are.


Clairece Roode

BSc Occupational Therapy

Department Head: Occupational Therapy

With more than 15  years’ Occupational Therapy experience, Clairice specialises in Neurological Conditions, Orthopaedic Injuries, Hand Injuries, as well as Paediatric and Geriatric treatment.


Her approach includes a key focus on family involvement, ensuring that everyone is part of the recovery process and equipped with the best knowledge and tools to aid the patient’s progress.


Tobias Kleinhans-Le Roux

M Diac Social Work

Department Head: Social Work

As a highly experienced Social Worker, Tobias’ core passion is to help patients regain a personal sense of control over their lives. This includes a key focus on psychological, social and emotional issues to help patients and families regain their equilibrium for better psychosocial health outcomes.


Tobias is a firm believer in the power of community in the recovery process and his strategies range from family meetings, mobilising community resources, and providing counselling. His approach is proven to help patients in developing coping mechanisms to deal with the diagnosis of a chronic, life-threatening or altering disease.

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