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Patient Testimonials

Dear All at Senso Health

I enjoyed the 10 days at Senso Health, Seapoint and wish to thank everyone for their kindness and expertise in helping me on the way to full recovery after my long stay in MediClinic Gardens. Thank you Drs. Du Plessis and Cattell, physiotherapists Kelli and Amira, nurses and carers, and other staff members. I am sure there are many people who are unaware of your facility, I will definitely recommend Senso Health, Seapoint in future.


Kind regards, 

All of you were very warm and welcoming, enjoyed my stay at your facility a lot. 


- Patient 




Your chef Gary Ruthven is an absolute star. Lizette van Wyk, physio is undoubtedly the best I’ve ever had. Being here was a tremendous benefit. Thank you! 




Sisters and carers are excellent. Zane was wonderful and kind,  



Thank you for the excellent care. 




So many thanks for all the care and attention. 




Everyone was most helpful, always obliging. 




Thanks :) 


-Mrs Bririk 


Fabulous staff, good food.  



Mrs. Jacobs

This was the best treatment I have ever received. You are superstars.

Mrs. Harrison

I had a wonderful experience here at Senso. I could not have done it without the wonderful care, help & kindness from the cleaner to the doctors. Thank you so much for getting me to walk again. xx

Mr. Devine

So impressed with everyone and everything. A huge thank you from us both.

Mr. Henning

It’s a good space.

Mr. T Bouwer

A really good experience with great service and team. I wish you luck in the future. Love xx

Mr. Lance Fisher

The staff have been fantastic. You all have been fantastic. I am going to miss all of you. I will come back to Cape Town again for a visit. You all have been fantastic, honestly.

Dear Tarien,


As Nursing Manager and Chief Administrator of Senso Health, congratulations on operating an outstanding step-down facility. 


After her car accident and stroke, my sister, Jill, landed up at a hospital in Cape Town, where she spent 10 or 11 miserable days.  In their ICU, the care was good, but once moved to a general ward, she and her two roommates were largely ignored by the hospital staff.  At the time, Jill didn't even have the strength in her fingers to ring the bell to call for help.  She and her  roommates couldn't wait "to get out of jail".


Since being moved to Senso Health, Jill and we, her family, have been so grateful for the warmth and dedication of your staff and for the wonderful care she is receiving.  Carers of special note are Edina, Musa and Arizona, who have all been exceptionally good to Jill.


Yesterday, Jill relished being able to sit outside for the first time with her daughter, Cathy, and me.  She says the food is very good (it was inedible at the hospital) and her only occasional complaint is that she's tired from being worked so hard.  However, she realises it's entirely for her own benefit and we are so excited by the progress she has made.


Congratulations on your careful selection of staff and for running such a first class step-down facility.


Kind regards,

Patsy Bakunin and the entire Chipkin family

Mr. Devine, August 2022

It was the first time I had ever been in a step-down facility and I never realised before just how important a role it was going to play in my recovery. All the staff were very caring and that made a huge difference to one’s return to health. I thank you all, for the time I spent with you.

Mr. Devine, August 2022

To Dr. Brophy - You certainly played a huge part in my journey to recovery. Your wonderful & caring “doctor-patient" attitude was very good & I thank you for all you did for me.

Mr. Kudo, August 2022

Wonderful care.

Senso Patient, July 2022

Very friendly and caring healthcare and admin staff. Thank you!

Mrs. Malamed, June 2022

It has been a great healing experience for me, with lots of care and attention to pain management. Physio and nursing staff were on top of it. I was in good hands.

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