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Visiting Senso Health

How to refer a patient

Patients with Medical Scheme cover: A Letter of Motivation (LOM) will be required to obtain authorisation from the patient’s Medical Scheme. It will be important to include as much information as possible on why the patient requires sub-acute care and how they will benefit from it.  The LOM can be sent to Senso Health’s Case Manager team who will start the authorisation process. This typically takes approximately 3-4 days to finalise.



Tel: 021 054 0183


Cash-paying patients: If your patient is not a member of a Medical Scheme, or will personally cover their Senso Health account, we will not require a Letter of Motivation. Patient details can be sent directly to our Case Manager team who will facilitate the process from there.

Before your patient is admitted

Before your patient is admitted to Senso Health, please send the following information to


  • All MRSA & CRE screen test, including results (please note that admission will not be possible without these results)

  • Full overview of Admission Requirements

  • Updated script from all treating Doctors at the acute facility

  • Chronic medication in the form of a script or actual medication

  • Copy of patient’s ID

  • For patients with Medical Scheme cover

    • Copy of membership card

    • Copy of main member’s ID

Patient guide: What to pack

Whether attending Senso Health as an outpatient or inpatient, we want their stay to be as comfortable as possible. To facilitate this, we recommend that the patient packs the below list of items. Keep in mind that storage space for clothing and other personal items is limited.


  • Identity Document

  • Medical Scheme membership card (if applicable)

  • Current medications, including any pre-existing medicine, as well as prescription medication that you received upon discharge

  • Physical aids such as hearing aids or walking frames

  • X-rays and doctor’s letters

  • Sleepwear, dressing gown and slippers

  • Toiletries

  • Comfortable clothing and shoes for therapy sessions

  • Books and magazines

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