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Senso Health is a sub-acute and rehabilitation facility in Sea Point , Cape Town that focusses on supporting, facilitating, and accelerating every patient’s road to recovery. Our approach is always patient-centric, and their unique needs, treatment complexities, and health profiles sit at the heart of everything we do.


Patient X-ray


By the time a patient arrives at Senso Health, their healthcare journey is well underway. They have already walked a long road with a team of treating providers and a significant amount of time, care, and effort has already been dedicated to their health.


We see ourselves as an extension of this team, the next step in the patient’s recovery. It is a collaborative approach and we form close working relationship with every patient’s treating providers to ensure their full profile, history, and past challenges are taken into account. We also ensure that this team is regularly consulted and updated on the patient’s progress.



We specialise in helping our patients to recover from an acute illness, injury, exacerbation of a disease, or surgery. Our patient-centric approach places their unique needs, treatment complexities, and  health profile at the heart of everything we do.


This means that every patient receives a fully customised and personalised service, a proven approach to optimising their recovery, and greatly reducing the need for readmission, as well as other unnecessary, and often avoidable interventions and care.

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Outcomes Driven
Medical Team
Operating Room


The Senso Health team has more than 20 years’ experience from both a local, and international, perspective. Always working collaboratively, patients benefit from a wealth of combined expertise with their full journey managed by a single, dedicated team.


The facility’s offering is further enhanced by the Group’s renowned skillset that spans risk management, administration, marketing, and global best practice. All facets are underpinned by award-winning and latest-generation technology that is driven by decades of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning.


It is from this base that Senso Health creates a unique environment that balances best practice treatment with optimal recovery and rehabilitation outcomes.

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